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Green Lakes State Park
October 11, 2009, 2:41 pm
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We finally made it to Green Lakes State Park yesterday afternoon, after a day of almost solid rain on Friday (our day off). The water is incredibly clear and green for a lake in central New York. We had lunch at the little cafe at the park’s golf course…BLT for me, burger for Fred. The boys enjoyed the walk, too, though Boo kept eating pine needles. Weird dog.

Here’s some info on the lake:
The centerpieces of the park are the two glacial “green” lakes. Why are they green? The answer is complicated. For one, the lakes are deep. Round Lake is measured at 180 ft deep, while Green Lake reaches 195 ft. Deep lakes tend to appear bluish because the wavelengths of light that can penetrate (and be dispersed at) great depths are those closer to the blue end of the spectrum.

Because of their depth and the high salinity of the basin waters, the lakes are meromictic and do not turn over and intermix waters like many other lakes in this region do. The Green Lake’s cold and dense bottom waters tend to stay separate from the shallower, warmer waters. Because of this, sediment sinks and collects in the bottom and virtually doesn’t decay. Since the sediment is not kicked up by mixing, the lakes do not take on a muddy, turbid appearance like other lakes do. Meromictic lakes also have still, mirror-like waters. The Green Lakes are no exception here. Their tranquil, reflective waters make for great photography.


Saturday [Day #12]
November 15, 2008, 6:45 pm
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Rainy walk with Canada geese

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A list:
1) The camera situation has been resolved. Target exchanged the problem camera with no questions asked. It was a very painless episode, and the Customer Service kid (he looked 12) was awesome (i.e., did his job competently and happily). How rare is that?!

2) I love buying stuff and having it ring up even less than the posted sale price. I bought handfuls of socks at JC Penney’s this afternoon and got quite a deal. Good socks at a great price make me happy. Holey socks have been weeded out and discarded (which was long overdue).

3) Jon Stewart performed at the college last night. For an hour and a half. For free. I haven’t laughed that hard in YEARS. Oooo…how good that felt (despite running mascara and laughing induced flop sweat).

4) A naggy migraine is finally fading and nothing feels better than that.

Theatre [Day #9]
November 3, 2008, 10:10 pm
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Stanley Theatre

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Or the-ate-er, as Fred says, to annoy me. Which it does. We went to a chamber ensemble performance Saturday night, and though we were floppy with fatigue from the move earlier in the day, and weren’t sure what to expect, we enjoyed it. Enough, anyway. Afterwards there was a post-performance reception with free snacks…chicken fingers, veggies & dip, fresh fruit, and mini cream puffs and eclairs. Mini foods are tricky. Because they’re mini, it seems okay to eat a pile of them. Which I did. Or was it TWO piles?