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What I Look Like When I’m Eating Lunch
June 17, 2009, 5:14 pm
Filed under: Critters, Family, Home sweet home


After accidentally pouring iced tea on my Frosted Shredded Wheat, I KNEW that I really did need a day off. I spent the morning at home…marinated a steak for dinner, made molasses cookie dough to bake tomorrow evening, ironed tomorrow’s work clothes, and updated my to-do list template for tomorrow.

Had lunch with the folks at Nola’s (very good chicken sandwich!), then visited our newly chosen graves (do we know how to have fun, or what?), handled some banking paperwork, and finally settled on their patio. Last time I was over, the chipmunks were running amok. Today, not so much. Probably because I was trying to take pictures. This little guy stuffed at least three whole peanuts (shell and all) in his cheeks, then scampered off under the air conditioning unit. On his last trip, a bird dive-bombed him. He shrieked, jumped, and never returned. I think he had to change his pants.