Living with intention…or not

August 21, 2007, 3:15 pm
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Oriskany storm damage

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The weather here is COOL. No reading on the patio until at least Thursday when temperatures are expected to spike again. Last night we were contemplating putting flannel sheets on the bed, but we’re not (quite) THAT stupid.

So I’ll be home for about three more weeks. I’m feeling good…just a little stiff and achy at night (for some reason). And though I feel pretty “normal,” after we grocery shopped last night, I was raggy tired. No Wii bowling last night.

I feel kind of guilty missing the start of classes and the first few weeks of school. Damn puritan work ethic. My surgeon won’t release me until after my next appointment (Sept. 12th), and he really does know best. I’ll be running around non-stop when I get back, so I’d best rest up. Still…it’s hard not to worry about the state of my office/records/stockroom while I’m out. But I got it back under control after the first surgery, so I’m sure I can do it again. (Can’t I?)

Thanks to the decent weather (up until now), I’ve been doing much more reading and much less TV watching than after my first surgery. I only watch BRAVO 10-11 pm, rather than getting drawn into the suckhole of their reality marathons. I will admit to watching a few episodes of “Bridezillas” when I was in the hospital, but that was purely boredom (or morphine?) induced. I’ve cruised through Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (Barbara Kingsolver), Blue Like Jazz (Donald Miller), and The Big House (George Howe Colt), and am almost finished with The Nasty Bits… (Anthony Bourdain).

I really want to get some letters written and I have some long languishing minutes to type up for church. Time to stop puttering.

The photo shows the damage caused by a brief but severe wind and rainstorm that swept through last week. We had the heavy rain, but no real damage. A few miles from here, though, WOW.