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Penquin weather
October 28, 2008, 8:14 pm
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Penquin weather

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The first snow of the season blasted into the area this afternoon, after a morning of soaking rains. Dime-sized sleety plops slammed into my face as I fought the wind to my car after work. Tonight, the wind is still whipping, but the ground is bare. For now.

I designed this year’s Christmas card back in FEBRUARY, but then…inertia. Card-wise, anyway. Tonight, finally, progress. Every year I vow to be done by Halloween which is a well-worn pipe dream. Now everything’s stamped and printed. Lots of cutting, matting, and assembly lies ahead, but I’ve kicked the inertia. Maybe I just needed a little snow slapping me in the face.


October 25, 2008, 6:54 pm
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I made this for dinner tonight. Yum. It seems as though I’ve successfully broken out of our god-awful food rut, thanks to Real Simple and Everyday Food. And PLANNING. So far, so good.

Note to self–topics that I need to cover here:

It is POURING out. We’re holed up and hunkered down with tea, chocolate chip cookies, and a little work to do. Feels good. Also jump started my Christmas gift spreadsheet and ordered a bunch of magazines for friends. The cards still need to be made. Or, really, finished. Just do it.

December 23, 2007, 4:46 pm
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Young(ish) people we know keep keeling over and dying. Two in the past few days. Aneurysm. Bad ticker. Okay one minute. Gone the next. I’ve had a naggy headache off-and-on since Friday so naturally my overly-dramatic mind leaps to dark conclusions. More likely, though, it’s just pre-Christmas tension coupled with the dark, weird weather*. Right? 

We’re sitting here poised for Christmas Eve and Christmas proper. Everything’s baked, bought, and wrapped. (Isn’t it?) Tomorrow afternoon we head to Fred’s parents for lunch and the gift-opening frenzy. Really, it’s nuts. Between the fireplace, the frenzied kids, and my requisite sweater, it’s like spending the afternoon in a sweat lodge. Ahhhh…cleanse those pores. 

We’ll spend Christmas at my parents, and that’s a much quieter and cooler venue. At this point, my sister’s kids would probably rather send text messages than open presents. Or at least they’re pretty calm about the whole thing. 

Well…my headache’s fading (phew), so I think we’ll head to the mall to watch the last-minute frenzy. You know…just for fun.

(*Note: Today did not look like this picture…except for the snow. Seeing sun would’ve been cool.) 

Why we’re thankful.
November 22, 2007, 8:43 pm
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Thanksgiving 2007Originally uploaded by Mary’s pics

Back home after a big, loud dinner and a cold, cold walk. No watch. No bra either. Fuzzy slippers. Hot orange zinger tea, two warm puppies, and three dozing cats.

Happy Thanksgiving
November 22, 2007, 1:07 pm
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 I haven’t been outside yet, but, boy, is it dark here. And it’s only 1 pm. The last of the autumn leaves are slowly falling, so it’s a pretty scene out the back window. But, yeah, dark.The sweet potato casserole is in the oven and the cocktail shrimp are nicely arranged. We’ll be off in about an hour for dinner with a little splash of family chaos.This morning we had our cinnamon rolls then played a riveting game of Yahtzee. Fred won, though he was fuzzy on the (EASY) rules. If it stops pouring, we’ll head out for a post dinner/pre-pie walk. Enjoy your day.