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The Sock Snob
January 24, 2010, 7:03 pm
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During my Christmas break, I did a lot of relaxing, but also tackled some long lingering pits of disorganization. Like my sock drawer. For about eight bucks, I bought this drawer-size organizational storage grid. This, plus about 15 minutes of effort, cured the jumbled sock drawer problem. My soul is now at peace.

For Christmas, I asked Santa (okay, my parents) for some Smart Wool socks and was happy to find a couple pair under the tree. It sounds extreme to say that these socks have changed my life, but they sort of have. They are colorful, warm, soft, and tough. (Like me? Maybe. Except that I’m more beige than colorful. See sock drawer above as evidence.) They’re also ungodly expensive, but oh so worth it. I used some of my Christmas money to buy two more pairs, and then my sister gave me a pair for my birthday. So now I’m awash in Smart Wool. No complaints there.

This week, my cousin sent me a pair of Darn Tough socks and they are oh so impressive. Warm, soft, darn tough, and made in Vermont. Sock heaven. I had a rotten work day last week, but these socks pulled me back from brink. That’s some powerful socks.

I used a handful of LL Bean gift certificates yesterday to order an “on sale” cabled hoodie sweater and..of course…socks. They’ll be here sometime this week.

I’m addicted. I’m a snob. Cotton socks…thy days are numbered.


Saturday [Day #12]
November 15, 2008, 6:45 pm
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Rainy walk with Canada geese

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A list:
1) The camera situation has been resolved. Target exchanged the problem camera with no questions asked. It was a very painless episode, and the Customer Service kid (he looked 12) was awesome (i.e., did his job competently and happily). How rare is that?!

2) I love buying stuff and having it ring up even less than the posted sale price. I bought handfuls of socks at JC Penney’s this afternoon and got quite a deal. Good socks at a great price make me happy. Holey socks have been weeded out and discarded (which was long overdue).

3) Jon Stewart performed at the college last night. For an hour and a half. For free. I haven’t laughed that hard in YEARS. Oooo…how good that felt (despite running mascara and laughing induced flop sweat).

4) A naggy migraine is finally fading and nothing feels better than that.

Organized [Day #11]
November 5, 2008, 9:48 pm
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I took the day off and my biggest accomplishment was reorganizing a closet that had gotten out of hand. Now pants are grouped by color, and shirts are sorted into groups of plain, striped, plaid, and floral. It took me all of twenty minutes and made me feel lighter all day. I decided, though, the wire hangers should go, but I’ll save that for another day.

Next— the t-shirt drawer (not for the faint-hearted).