Living with intention…or not

Saturday [Day #12]
November 15, 2008, 6:45 pm
Filed under: Clothes, Field trips, Snafus

Rainy walk with Canada geese

Originally uploaded by Mary’s pics

A list:
1) The camera situation has been resolved. Target exchanged the problem camera with no questions asked. It was a very painless episode, and the Customer Service kid (he looked 12) was awesome (i.e., did his job competently and happily). How rare is that?!

2) I love buying stuff and having it ring up even less than the posted sale price. I bought handfuls of socks at JC Penney’s this afternoon and got quite a deal. Good socks at a great price make me happy. Holey socks have been weeded out and discarded (which was long overdue).

3) Jon Stewart performed at the college last night. For an hour and a half. For free. I haven’t laughed that hard in YEARS. Oooo…how good that felt (despite running mascara and laughing induced flop sweat).

4) A naggy migraine is finally fading and nothing feels better than that.


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