Living with intention…or not

April 19, 2009, 7:15 pm
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After whining most of the night (pain, fear, morphine?) Scout seems much better today. We walked our usual route this afternoon and he trotted right along like always. He’s barking his head off at the TV which is another good sign. Boo’s snoozing, pretty much oblivious to HIS close call. All is once again right in our doggy world. Phew.

Half of the afternoon was chewed up with an after-church meeting. I felt myself fading with hunger and fatigue (I slept in fits and starts, listening to Scout whimper). We had a quick late lunch of cheeseburgers, then took our walk. The day was sunny and 60-ish. Beautiful for this time of year.

After the walk, we took a spin on the Spyder, and stopped at Dunkin Donuts for iced coffee. I’m finally feeling recharged. Sun, wind, caffeine, and a crisis averted will do that.

I’m almost feeling ready to charge into Monday. ALMOST.


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Whoa, scary. Glad everything’s turned out okay.

Comment by Kate

Kate: Thanks! Yes…he’s fine now. Better than ever, actually. I’ve joked that he was bit by a vampire dog as he seems to be acting younger!

We’re very aware/wary walkers now, though.

Comment by justwriteit

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