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Poor Scoutie
April 18, 2009, 10:38 pm
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We started out on our evening walk, along our usual route (nice quiet neighborhood). Not far into it, we saw a young girl walking a Golden Retriever on the other side of the road. Then things got blurry. The dog dragged the girl across the street and then lunged at Boo and Scout. All I can see in my head is teeth and fur. Fred dragged Boo out of the way, and I TRIED to pick Scout up but couldn’t get my hands on him quickly enough. Somehow I ended up on my knees, shielding Scout. When it was over, I scooped up Scout and saw blood rise from a tear on his right side. Fred flew into an uncharacteristic rage (yelled at the shaken girl), while I told him to calm down and call the vet. STAT.

I THOUGHT that Scout was generally okay, but knew that he needed to be seen. The vet initially said that we should just use antibiotic ointment on the wound, but Fred insisted that Scout be seen and he finally agreed to meet us. Minutes later, we raced Scout to the vet where the doctor decided that, yup, this was a nasty enough injury to require stitches. He injected him with morphine and lidocaine, then went to work. Scout was a trooper. Not a peep out of him.

We’re home now and he’s had his first dose of antibiotic. My skinned knees are slathered with bacitracin and covered with band-aids. Though we’re ALL still a bit jumpy (well, except for Boo who is snoozing away), I’m sure we’re on the mend.

Aren’t weekends supposed to be relaxing?


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I am so sorry that this happened to poor scout. There are a number of people in our neighborhood who cannot control their dogs for a variety of reasons and it always pisses me off.

Comment by Catie

Oh no! Poor Scout! And your poor knees! Hopefully Sunday will go a little more smoothly…

Comment by Kim

Thanks! Scout didn’t have the best night (nor did I) and did a lot of whining (more out of anxiety than anything, I think). He’s eating and walking fine, so I think we really dodged a bullet. My knees are still sore, but who cares?

Comment by justwriteit

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