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Boo & Balloon
June 22, 2008, 9:42 am
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Boo & Balloon

Originally uploaded by Mary’s pics

About Boo and the balloon…all Fred’s doing. Boo is, of course, perplexed. As am I.

Excedrin, I love thee. I’ve been trying to shrink a massive migraine since yesterday afternoon with no success. Even Imitrex wouldn’t kick it. Just took an Excedrin and I think it may do the trick. Should’ve taken this much sooner. My stomach will probably be all riled up because of it, but at this point, I’ll take it.

Work is insane this summer. (Why do I always think that I’ll be able to dig into all kinds of projects??) Summer research kids are the nicest kids on campus (I may be biased), but there’s just SO MANY of them. And the needing stuff never ends. I’m panting and sweaty by the end of the day. Taking tomorrow off, though, so for now, all is calm.

It’s probably good that I’m busy as it gives me less time to think about my dad’s upcoming endoscopic ultrasound. He has a lesion/cyst on/in his pancreas that needs a closer look, and quite frankly, this keeps me up at night. I don’t like to hear the words “lesion” and “pancreas” in the same sentence. Could be nothing. Could be something. I guess we’ll know more after July 8th.

Today…a walk, some groceries, the patio. Exhale.


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Any word on your dad? How’s he doing? I’ve been sending him and you good thoughts.

Comment by Kim

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