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Now we’re thankful for…
November 24, 2007, 10:02 pm
Filed under: Home sweet home, Snafus

POWER. Just as I was gearing up to roast a small turkey breast, mix up some cookie dough, finish making my Christmas cards, and iron a few outfits for the upcoming week the transformer across the street blew. (Yet again.) Darkness is boring and while candles and flashlights help you get around without slamming into things, they don’t really provide useful light. I dozed for a while, then when we heard it would be yet another hour, we browsed loitered at the local Rite-Aid, then shared a hot chocolate at Dunkin Donuts. At 8:33 pm, light, heat, and power were restored. Amen to that.    

But don’t let me kid you…tomorrow we will resume taking electricity for granted. 


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HAHA. “Tomorrow we will resume taking electricity for granted” EXACTLY! Whenever the power goes out we thrash about moaning and groaning and whatever, as soon as it comes back on we go right back to ignoring it.

Comment by Catie

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