Living with intention…or not

Thanksgiving Eve.
November 21, 2007, 11:12 pm
Filed under: Books, Good eats, Home sweet home, Movies, Work

Despite this being a three day work week, it felt LONG. Like, I keep thinking it’s Friday. But it’s Wednesday. And Thanksgiving Eve. I’m all disoriented.

We had some tasty leftovers for dinner, then took a nice walk with the boys. (So what else is new?) It’s calm and almost mild…good night for a spin around our usual route. I hate wind. No wind tonight so it’s all good.

We picked up just a few groceries, then came home and watched “Notes On a Scandal.” But right now there’s SU basketball blaring from the speaker above my head. I like basketball about as much as I like wind, so it might be time to settle down with my book.

I’m reading about “Sabbath keeping.” Not keeping it in any orthodox or Amish sense, but setting a day apart to stay away from all things related to work. To recharge and explore other things. To ignore the damn to-do list for one whole day. To make up my own rituals for my own Sabbath. So far, I’m intrigued.

Tomorrow: Cinnamon buns early, then a date with some sweet potatoes.  Oh, and a bit of a feast at my sister’s. 



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