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Cheez, pleez. Then some random stuff.
July 21, 2007, 10:26 pm
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Run, Gov. Spitzer, run!

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So I ordered a book on cheesemaking from Amazon last week, a purchase triggered by Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle which I’m currently reading. I don’t have a garden (this year…maybe next), but the least I can do for the environment is make my own mozzarella. Barbara convinced me. I’m intrigued (and a little skeptical that it can be done in my kitchen), but curious enough to order the cheese book. Tonight I logged back onto Amazon and see that they’re now recommending that I purchase Raising Milk Goats Successfully. How things do snowball in the mind of Amazon.

Now for the random stuff…

I LOVE my new telescoping Zebra pens. One for work, one for home. The telescoping is surprisingly fun (for boring people like me) and shrinks the pen to pocket size. Writes great, too. The two-pack is cheapo. What’s not to love?

My colostomy reversal surgery is scheduled for next Friday at 7:45 am (hospital arrival is a bleary 5:45 am). I’m the first patient of the day for my surgeon, so there’ll be no backed-up patient delays, and as I’ll have been without food for two days by that point, I’m all about getting the show on the road. I’ll spend about five days in the hospital (already dreading the yellow jello and chicken broth), then six weeks out of work. The things I do for some time off.

Wednesday and Thursday are “cleanse the colon” prep days. I must drink assorted chemicals and take mega doses of antibiotics. I’m expecting some dramatic results and a certain level of crabbiness.

So this weekend, with it’s food and freedom, is particularly sweet. But I still don’t want a goat.


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