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Just what the doctor ordered
June 30, 2007, 10:25 pm
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Despite having Tuesday off for the on-going medical hi jinx, the week seemed endless, so the weekend is quite welcome. But then, when isn’t it?

The colonoscopy unearthed a few, not unexpected, findings (hiatal hernia, mild esophagitis, diverticulosis) but all appears to be on track for the colostomy reversal. I’ll see the surgeon July 11th and hope that we can get the surgical show on the road. Is it bad to say that I’m looking forward to the four week post-surgical break from work? No? Good.

Last night we bit the bullet and grocery shopped. I prepped a crock-pot stew for my parents as mom is still laid low with on-going back issues. That cooked overnight and was ready for delivery to their house this morning. I also put together the “Banana Split Cake” from Cook’s Country. It’s really just an ice cream cake, so no talent is involved, but the effect (outer edge of springform pan lined with vertical pieces of ice cream sandwiches, then filled with strawberry ice cream) is sort of cool. Our neighbors may be over for dessert sometime this week, and I’ll finish it off then, with hot fudge and whipped cream…and MAYBE the banana slices. I’m not such a big fan of the banana.

Ohh…and our brand-new garage doors (well…not GARAGE doors, but doors into the garage…get the distinction?) are awesome. The panes and blinds are between the glass so cleaning is a breeze. Fred, the clean freak, is psyched about that. We left the old wooden doors out by the road and heard someone load them into their truck around 12:30 am last night. Good riddance.

Tomorrow we’ll hit the downtown museum’s annual arts festival and classic car show. Honestly, the cars start boring me after about 15 minutes. And the more the owners prohibit touching, the more I want to. I do better with the art…longer attention span, no urge to touch.



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