Living with intention…or not

And the saga continues…
June 16, 2007, 9:28 pm
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Because getting used to a colostomy apparently wasn’t challenging enough, recently I’ve had to deal with incessant itching underneath the adhesive wafer (as they call it). Might be fungal. Might be an allergy. Might be a little bit of both. And you can’t use just any kind of treatment that might cause “adherence issues” so that narrows the field a bit. I needed a particular prescription spray that was, at most pharmacies, on “long-term backorder.” Not the words I wanted to hear. I started to think that I was going to have to head to Canada for some relief. But yesterday afternoon, a spray can was located…locally. Music to my ears.

My mother is suffering through some nasty side effects from her prednisone prescription, and now needs to have back surgery on Tuesday to repair a compression fracture.

And my father has a cyst on his pancreas. So far, nothing to worry about, though they are keeping an eye on it.

If I were my sister, I’d run for the hills.

I think we need a brand new year.


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