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Slow Progress, but progress nonetheless
April 20, 2007, 9:46 pm
Filed under: Health

I’ve been out of work for seven weeks, and now that I’m starting to feel better, I feel like I’ve frittered the time away and that I should have accomplished something earth-shattering (or even something “mildly ambitious”). Instead, I was routinely sucked into Bravo TV’s marathon of episodes of “Work Out,” “Top Chef,” “Top Design,” “Miami Slice,” and “Blow Out.” Not much was accomplished, but the TV was so wonderfully soothing that I couldn’t pull myself out of my big comfy chair to reorganize the bedroom closet or write a novel or finally confront my (irrational?) fear of the pressure cooker.

But maybe I’m being too hard on myself. Here’s how the weeks broke down:
WEEK 1- Thought I had the flu, then had a stabbing pain, went to the ER (2X), and waited at home, in pain, for my surgeon to come home from god-knows-where.

WEEK 2- Surgery on Monday…Hysterectomy with a bonus colon-ectomy thrown in. (Who needed those two feet of colon anyway?) Enjoyed jello, broth, and eventually solid food for eight days. Did not enjoy NG tube or scooting to the bathroom with the IV pole. Began life-with-colostomy training.

WEEK 3- Didn’t sleep much in the hospital so I tried to catch up on this, but I was plagued with twitching legs and arms…leftover reaction to my meds, I think. This made sleeping tricky. My mom did a great job keeping me fed. (Mmmmm…donuts!) Continued life-with-colostomy training with a visiting nurse who is GREAT.

WEEK 4- Continued resting. Still sore. Still tired. Still weak(ish). Finally…the staples came out! (25 or so, but who’s counting?)

WEEK 5- Feeling a little better. Helps to have the staples removed…fewer weird stabby pains. Grocery shopped with Fred, but shuffled around and only managed the list. Didn’t dare lift anything.

WEEK 6- Feeling more normal, though the weather is so lousy that hunkering down with an afghan and the TV just seems natural.

WEEK 7- Running out of unseen epsiodes, so now I get to work cutting recipes out of a pile of magazines (MANY back issues of Cook’s Country and Everyday Food, etc.) and organize them in albums. I’ve wanted to do this for ages, but never had a good chunk of time…now I do.

Today was sunny and warm so I turned off the TV, sat in the driveway in a t-shirt, and read You Can’t Go Home Again. Bliss.

Apparently, there is life without Bravo. Who knew?


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I don’t understand the last part of your post, I guess maybe you let some sort of alien type take over your brain and start writing nonsense!

Also, it sounds like you spend those weeks doing exactly what you needed to do.

Comment by Catie

Maybe it wasn’t clear that You Can’t Go Home Again is a novel. I’ve italicized the title now so that’s clearer. (Basically I meant that I finally turned off the TV, went outside for some sun and did a little reading.)

It’s supposed to head back into the 40’s here later in the week, so I will undoubtedly hibernate again! (Though today we’re out for some fun little walks, and it’s actually HOT.)

Comment by justwriteit

I meant the part about there being life without Bravo. 🙂

Comment by Catie

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